Vivat Slovakia -

Vivat Slovakia

What's our point

Create the first, truly Slovak video game from the wild 90's.

A fully narrative story game with complete Slovak dubbing

with the ability to get out of the car and use weapons.

Create episodic content according to events from Slovakia.

That is Vivat Slovakia

unlike Vivat Sloboda, which is an important prequel in the form of a minigame.

We still have
a long way to go

We still need a lot of resources and experience for such a large project. That's why we make a pre-game for Vivat Slovakia in the form of the Vivat Sloboda mini-game. But we have many ideas.

S.t.a.l.k. us as Čumil, interest helps the most

We realize that this ultimate goal is still in sight. It depends on how the game Vivat Sloboda will be received. How do we manage to fix bugs and whether players from our extremities are interested in something similar at all. Remember that it is still our first and we have to learn to make games on it.

Stalk us on Facebooku and Instagram and who knows, maybe this common dream will finally come true.

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