Team Vivat -

Team Vivat

Mgr. Roman Lipka


He put together this amazing team to make the project happen. To keep it going, he goes around begging for funds.

Bc. Jaromír Miko

Level Design

He got the original idea to transfer the stories of our country into a 3D open world game. It models a smaller version of Bratislava. That's what it's worth.

Bc. Samuel Potisk

Unity 3D developer

Like any true programmer, he decided to sacrifice his youth for the greater good. Even escaping to Charles University in Prague did not free him from Vivat.

Jakub Molitor

Unity 3D developer

Jakub saw enormous potential in the Vivat Sloboda project, but also its technical condition. He is now experiencing firsthand the saying that what you don't do yourself, no one will do for you.

Mgr. Samuel Šlauka

Character design

On day one, he added a face to the main character. On the second day he created his body and on the last day he ossified it, that is, he rigged it. From the rib, or set of the main character, it forms other faces of the game.

Ivan Mitter

Automotive design

One morning, Ivan saw a mention of the game Vivat Sloboda on the Internet. Since he has been making car mods for games for a long time, he reached out and offered his experience and time. The cars in the Vivat project are a gem and he manages to grind it extremely well.

MgA. Lukáš Holocsy

Sound design

Did your ears hurt while playing Vivat Sloboda? Us too, us too. It will not happen again at Vivat Slovakia, thanks to Lukáš, who did not lose his sweet-sounding Slovak at FAMO. Thanks to him, you can hear not only that in the game in professional quality.

Simona Urminská, B.S.B.A.

Level design

As a tourist, he will guide you through the sights of Bratislava. In addition to buildings from the outside, he is also interested in their interior. After studying interior design, he designs period interiors for us. We can appreciate beauty from the outside as well as from the inside.

Mgr. Jaroslav Večerík


The first member of the team who had experience with game development even before the creation of Vivat. He is currently enhancing the videos with visual effects, such as those beautiful comic cutscenes.

Your name

What you enjoy the most

We are working on this project because someone had to start. If you want to lend a hand, we appreciate any help. You don't have to be a professional. It's enough that you want to be a part of it and learn something new. Let us know about you.